Company History

TeeVR is the world’s fastest growing virtual reality company dedicated to real-image automatic mapping solutions.
Equipped with unrivaled patents worldwide and Ph.D researchers. TeeVR provides accuracy, efficiency and uncompromising reliability. TeeVR is a first-ever technology that supersedes current VR techniques such as indoor street-viewor 360VR. TeeVR enables authentic motion freedom : not only can you freely move as if you are actually there, but also fly around as if on top of a magic carpet! This technology is the ultimate offspring of 20 years of research and experiment by TeeVR’s CEO himself who has served Korea univ. (the best private univ. in S.Korea) as professor.
2018 / 01
CES Debut
Reserved one booth at CES 2018 Las Vegas. Invited VIPs to hotel suite-rooms for live demonstration.
2017 / 11
K-Global Pitching in USA
We had a pitching in San Francisco for penetration into USA market.
2017 / 08
Gov. Research Fund $0.7M
Participating to government project on building indoor realistic map
2017 / 07
Google LA Seminar & TeeVR USA lunching
Technical presentation to google VR-tech. teams and acquired their implicit agreement on our uniqueness
TIPS investment $0.6M
POSTECH Holding invested $0.6M with government supports (TIPS program)
2017 / 04
IP-Law Firm valuated at $170M
The first tier IP-Law Firm, DAERAE, valuated TeeVR company’s potential to be $170M
KIBO secured $1.5M
Korea Technology Finance Corp. secured $1.5M to initiate TeeVRcompany

Company Core Value

Unrivaled world leading VR technology

World’s best quality VR content build up

Strong IP portfolio
Realize TeeVR’s
potential value

Growing together with employees and business partners
Trustworthy company

Ethical company operation

Honest partner
Return values to society

Return values to partners

Return values to investors

Company Core Members

Nathan Doh
Prof. at Korea University
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. at POSTECH
Brain Hwang
Pepperdine B-school (MBA)
B.S. and M.S. at SNU (EE)
Haedal Kang
14 yrs of venture experiences
B.S., POSTECH (Physics)
M.S., Korea Univ. (MOT)
Dalho Park
20 yrs of programming experiences
B.S., Korea Univ. (CS)
Seungyong Song
Head of Dept., Korea Univ.Holdings
B.S.and M.S., Korea Univ.(Business)
Junhyuk Kim
US Region Director
Ex-engineer in Elec. Arts, USA
TeeVR LA Branch Head

Company Partners