3-Dim Mapping
for Immersive Visual Experience
for Immersive

Business TeeVR

Enjoy truly realistic 3-dim maps.
Run, jump, and even Fly.
Enjoy your transcending freedom.

Business Why TeeVR?

Still hot with fan? Turn on Air-con!
Not happy with 360 VR? Enjoy TeeVR!
TeeVR supersedes current 360 VR technology.
Click samples to enjoy With TeeVR you can be there at here.
With TeeVR you are on top of a magic carpet!
Run, jump, and fly high

Business Service

Easy SCAN, Auto Process and Realistic Experience. 
Call us Today, Enjoy Tomorrow!
3D Scanner
Specially designed 3D scanner collects data. Operator will visit for the scan.

Walking Speed
Data collection is simpl and fast. Just walking around the space. That’s it.
Auto Process
Collected data will be processed by computer.

48hr Delivery
24hrs for 1,500fts space. Call us today, Enjoy tomorrow.
Realistic VR Exp.
3D/VR Experience
Enjoy the map in the web or smartphone. With HMD, you can have the real VR experience in the real space.

Invite your friends or potnetial tanent in your place. Your friend may be there as an avatar.
TeeVR will provide B2B services to the commercial real-estate sector including trading, rental, and advertisement.
TeeVR will form partnerships with market leaders in real-estate, advertisement, space management, game, archiving and safety services.
We are aiming for DIY TeeVR capability within the next 5 years enabling users to scan their own surroundings with their own smartphone through our content management server system.